PowerApps Development

The Power of PowerApps

Did you ever wish you could create an App that could make your business work smarter or help streamline a process that current involves emails and spreadsheet being sent around.

Well if you’re an Office365 subscriber you have the ability to transform that brilliant idea into reality using PowerApps.

PowerApps won’t allow you to create consumer-facing apps that you can place in the Apple or Android stores. But it will allow you to deploy the application to your Office365 users, who can access it via any browser or via an app on a mobile or tablet.

Connect to Hundreds of Other Applications

Just because PowerApps is a Office365 service it doesn’t mean you can only connect to data in SharePoint. Using one of the hundreds of built in connectors you can extend the functionality of your app by utilising Twitter, GSuite, MailChimp, YouTube etc… You can even create custom connectors that would allow you to connect to virtually any service out there using API’s

Typical PowerApps Use Cases

As Office365 consultants, we focus on using PowerApps to create business applications for our clients. While the use cases are really only constrained by the imagination of our customer we have found that the most common uses have been around digitising current manual process or cumbersome task. Examples of these are:

  • Holiday Request Applications
  • Expense Claims
  • Health and Safety Reporting
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Project Reporting

If your interested in learning more about how PowerApps can streamline your business process then please do contact us

Office365 Security

Securing Office 365

Cyberattacks are on the rise, every day we hear about some kind of security breach. With Malware and Phishing alerts at all-time highs, thinly resourced organisations are finding it even more difficult to keep their business secure.

When companies move to Office365 they are often told that they are moving to a service that is always up-to-date and a much more secure environment then their on-premise solution. However, while this is true to some degree a number of recommended security settings are NOT configured by default in Office365.

In fact, a recent report by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a federal department within US homeland security, found that many so called Office365 partners and “experts” had either not enabled recommended security settings or just misconfigured the configuration when setting up the service.

These omissions resulted in a lower than expected security posture and put users of Office 365 at risk of security breaches.

The UK governments National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have also expressed their concern regarding the default setup of Office365 and have published an advisory detailing how to protect Office 365 accounts against credential stealing attacks.

To their credit Microsoft have responded, publishing a guide on how to secure your Office365 in order to meet these government guidelines. The guide, endorsed by the NCSC, provides recommendations such as, increasing auditing, enabling MFA, disabling legacy protocols etc…

At PureNetworking, everyday we see Office365 environments that haven’t been setup insecurely. We strongly recommend that all businesses aim to implement the recommendations within Microsoft’s report. Even if you believe your setup was initially setup securely, cloud products change and develop all the time and a review against best practice should be done periodically.

If you want a review of your Office365 environment or help improving the security of your business then please do contact us for a informal chat

Office365 Remote Working

Remote Working For You and Your Business

Home working, remote working, teleworking, WFH – whatever you call it, working remotely is on the rise.

There are a number of reasons for this, our roads are getting more and more clogged with cars, pushing up the average daily commute time significantly. Public transport is either not an option, due to the infrequency of the service or its spiraling cost make it an uneconomic option. Even organisations are affecting the need for more teleworking as they close there regional centres meaning local office’s are simply not there.

Employees are also demanding more flexible working and many organisation are losing talented people because they are not providing adequate options around this.

Of cause giving people the ability to work away from the office has to benefit not only the employee but also the employer. Luckily recent research has shown that providing this flexibility does give businesses tangible benefits.

CanadaLife found that home workers productivity increased by 10%, while a PowWowNow survey found that more than 60% of workers were significantly more motivated. Additional research from FlexJob showed that employee retention increased by 82% for those based away from the office. While Cardiff University found that employees were happier to work additional hours if they could do this work from home.

However a YouGov report found that while most companies were open and actually wanted to implement a more flexible work place, nearly 20% said there IT systems simply did not allow this.

Our own experience backs this, even companies who have systems such as Office365 just haven’t embraced the benefits and flexibility such as system can give an organisations.

So how can Office365 help bring in a more flexible remote working policy?

  1. Communication – it’s the key to any teleworking strategy, people need to be able to get hold each other no matter where they are. Having the ability to access your Outlook email on any devices is taken for granted now. However showing people your on-line, in meetings, out to lunch using MS Teams presence features is a great way to show your whereabouts and its ability to turn quick instant message messages to voice or video chats between one or multiple people really does make it a must have for any remote worker
  2. Access to Your Data – You need to be able to be easily access your files and data wherever you are. SharePoint and its tight integration with not only the standard Office applications such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint, but with Power applications like PowerBI, PowerApp and Flow means you can not only save files online but also build in depth analysis of your data and create workflows and mobile applications. OneDrive integration means that you can even access your files when your local internet connection goes down.
  3. Collaboration – Of cause being out of the office shouldn’t mean you lose the ability to collaborate with colleagues. MS Teams can be used to host conference calls, project sites can be created in SharePoint or with MS Planner and features such as co-authoring means multiple people can even work on a single document at the same time. Teams can create a virtual platform to host meetings, notes and chats in an easy to access location. While Yammer groups can help keep people involved in online conversations and be part of a community in a similar way to Facebook does.

Our hectic lifestyle means that people need more flexibility, while organisations need to become more agile and dynamic. Fully implementing systems based around the Office365 platform can help business of all size achieve this.

If you are looking to bring in a more flexible and collaborative way of working then contact us to help you on your journey.

Microsoft Bookings

Give Your Customers an Online Booking System

Did you know that your Office365 subscription gives you the ability to provide your customers with a online booking or appointment scheduling system?

It wouldn’t surprise us if you didn’t. Its one of those small unknown features that Microsoft seams to add but really doesn’t advertise very well.

Microsoft Bookings, as it is called, has actually been available since 2017, but its only recently that a number of enhancements has made it a system that people should really look at seriously.

Microsoft Bookings

The service will allows you to publish your booking calendar online, allowing your customer to see when slots are available and then book the time and service they need. They will get a confirmation email and calendar invitation, and if required they can even reschedule or cancel.

The bookings then go into your calendar were you can assign it to a member of staff if required.

One of the great features of the product is its ability to hook into Facebook, so your customers can make appointments straight from the social media platform.

Microsoft Bookings Facebook

Another neat component is that all your customer details are saved, meaning that over time you will buildup an excellent record of all your clients contact details. Its a bit like a mini CRM system and with will mean you can start to use this information to drive further customer interactions.

Recent improvements have mean’t that you can even integrate it with online payment systems.

For a large organisation it can even be used purely for internal bookings.

We’ve recently implement Microsoft Booking for a number of our small business customers who had been quoted thousands to develop a custom solution that did a very similar job.

If your a small business and looking to provide an online appointment system to your customers then give the team at PureNetworking a call and we’ll get you up and running within the day.

Will SharePoint Make you a HERO?

SharePoint isn’t known for it visually stimulating designs lets be honest. However that is changing as Microsoft recently announced a whole host of upgrades to the platform that are aimed at dragging the look and feel of the software into the 21st century.

Described by Microsoft as “modern” experience (the old look is are now called classic!) SharePoint sites are being revamped with a new more web and mobile friendly look, that makes them look much more user friendly and appealing to there audience.

One of the new enhancements is the addition of a “Hero” web part – yes it really is called “Hero”!

This web part simply adds a layout to a SharePoint site where you can easily add visual images, text and links in a very attractive way. For the WordPress users out there you may be thing this isn’t a big deal but for those that have struggled over the years to get “classic” SharePoint to look anything more than a basic web page from the 1990s, this simple web part is huge.

The layout comes with a number of built in options that can easily be changed to allow you to get the look you require.

Hovering over the image makes the tile changes its focal point slightly to make the overall feel of the page much more dynamic.

Implementing these and other improvements to SharePoint Online will have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of your Intranet and will certainly improve user adoption of the platform. You never know it might even make you a Hero!

The team at PureNetworking have created hundreds of SharePoint sites for our customers. Contact Us to discuss how we can improve your experience of the platform.

Get More Out of Your Office365 Subscription

Have you migrated to 365 yet? A lot of companies have, Microsoft are now saying they have they have a least 18 million Office 365 subscribers.

However how many are using Office365 for more than just email? In our experience not many.

Microsoft are selling Office365 as a way to improve communication, collaboration and bring business efficiencies. But most companies haven’t embraced this and are still plodding along using email for communication and spreadsheets to track different areas of their business.

Every week we will be contacted by new customers asking us if we can help streamline there business processes. They want to remove their reliance on spreadsheets, move outdated forms online and get some reporting put in place around this.

They expect they will need to purchase some new software solution to achieve this, but quite simply Sharepoint can help simplify processes within business. It has been doing this for nearly 15 years for larger enterprises, who had teams of developers help create workflow and automation using the product.

Office 365 brings the power of this to business of all size and Purenenworking’s highly skilled team can help translate your forms and streamline business process within days.

Are you Paying To Much for Office365?

According to the stats over 80% of companies that are using Office365 are paying too much for their licenses.

Companies are paying for either the wrong license or buying license that they don’t need.

Microsoft have made the reporting on license use very easy in there new partner portal but we have noticed that partners are not making their customers aware of the over spend.

When we on-board a new customer, one of the first things the Purenetworking consultants do is ensure that there are no overspending on their licenses or support. Some companies have saved thousands on their yearly bill from the reports we create.

As part of our “Give Back to the Community” programme we have now extended our Office365 assessment to all Office365 customers for FREE, even if they don’t want to purchase any other services from us.

So what have you got to lose, try Purenetworking FREE Office365 Assessment and see if you can save some money!

Are Microsoft Now Cool?

Ninja Cats, Fire Breathing Unicorns, what is happening at Microsoft?

When I first started in IT, a company called Wang were the old dominate force and were being replaced by a similarly enterprise driven company called IBM. The young upstart with its fancy new icon driven interface was a software company called Microsoft. Nowadays Microsoft has of course taken over the mantle of the old slow moving enterprise driven company and certainly not something any young start-up company would be looking towards for inspiration – Apple or Google clearly hold the sashay.

But recently I think Microsoft may be getting cool again. With the XBOX, Minecraft and the recently announced HoloLens in their portfolio, Microsoft have some of the must have products in there category. There is a buzz about Windows 10 and there Azure and Office365 platforms are seeing spectacular growth. The purchase of popular Apps companies such as Accompli and Sunrise mean start-up companies can now see that if they make great software then they can look to Microsoft for that multi-million pound buy out.

Microsoft merchandise is even selling must have items such as the ninja cats and fire-breathing unicorn sticker and Windows 10 t-shirt…

Ninja Cat and fire breathing Unicorn

Ninja Cat and fire breathing Unicorn

Windows 10 Tshirt

Windows 10 Tshirt


Could Microsoft do what very few organisation achieve and be hugely successful but also be innovative and cutting edge? We shall see…