Is Your Office365 Partner Supporting You? Lawyer Solicitors Experience

We were recently contacted by Lawyer and Solicitors Redman’s, a large law firm based in London regarding there Office365 setup. They had been migrated to Office 365 by one of the so called large Microsoft Partners. However once Redmans email were up and running through Office 365 they were having a lot of difficulty getting any support.

Redmans notice that we provided FREE Office 365 advice and after spending a lot of money with there initial partner didn’t want to waste any more money without understanding what we could do and also how they could use Office365 to help support there business.

After our FREE Assessment we were shocked at the state Office365 was left in. DNS entries were missing, licenses were being used on accounts that should have been setup as “shared mailboxes”. Redmans hadn’t been told what they could use SharePoint for and they didn’t even know they had access to Lync. A old email domain hadn’t even been migrated to Office365 because the partner had told the client that two domains were supported.

The worst thing about the Redmans story is that this isn’t the first time we have discovered such a bad Office365. Many so called Partners are just interested in the initial migration and then either don’t want to provide any additional help or don’t have knowledge or skills to implement the other Office365 services. Our experience shows this is generally because many partners are come from “Email” support backgrounds so while they are comfortable with the initial email migration, they simply don’t understand what SharePoint really does or have any idea how to setup the system for maximum benefit.

This is one are Purenetworking are different, we not only have Email experts but also SharePoint developers, Access database gurus and Lync Telephony skills. We are one of the few Microsoft partners that focus purely on Office 365 and this means that if you work with us, you know you are good hands.

If you feel you need advice on how you can get the most our of your Office 365 setup then let us know.

Migrate your MS Access Database to Office 365

Hosting your email in the cloud is now the norm, and as people become more and more used to moving there files offsite the only real remaining items that are left sitting on users PCs and servers are old databases.

Access databases have been with us for 20 years now, and business have become dependant on them for running key tasks. However at the same time they are starting to hold organisation’s back as they want to become more flexible and have the ability to access there data anytime and from anywhere.

The solution to this is to migrate the old MS Access database to the Office 365 platform. Most people don’t realise that the latest version of Access now has deep and tight integration with SharePoint and 365. The new Access Web Apps allow you to publish databases into 365 and have access to them from a standard web browser.

The same ease of use that people have come to expect from Access is still there, but now is even more powerful as the backend system are using enterprise class SQL databases.

If your interested in knowing how you can migrate or create your Access Web App in Office 365 then please do let us know.