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Compliance - Fit and Proper PowerApps

Project type

PowerApps, Compliance, Operations


Large international organisation required staff to every year acknowledge they had read and understood a set of regularity statements and documents.

The Challenge

In order to comply with regulatory requirements, members of staff had to acknowledge they had read and understood a number of statements and documents. As the number of staff was large and dispersed across various location it was not easy to track, records and report on this.

The Solution

A responsive PowerApps was created that which would be accessed on mobile, tablet, laptop or via a browser. The solution was embedded in the company intranet which was the default landing page for all staff. The solution showed a countdown, so employees knew the deadline for completing the form and had alerting and reporting in the back end so the compliance team know who had not completed the process.

The Results

The solution was very easy to manage and track employee compliance. It ensured the status of all staff was known and recorded, ensure regulator requirement were fully met with virtually no overhead for the compliance team.

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