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Enhance your SharePoint Intranet with our custom web parts 

Improve Employee Engagement on you SharePoint Intranet

Organisations spend a lot of time and effort creating an Intranet only to find that employee simply don't use it. While SharePoint has improved significantly over the past few years, businesses can significant increase the use and engagement of there intranet by adding a few specfic company features can really make your intranet the go to place for all your employees.


Below are just some examples SharePoint Custom Web Parts we have developed over the years.

Get in touch if you need any help creating custom web parts for your SharePoint intranet...

SharePoint Company Directory web part

Company Directory

Our SharePoint Company Directory web part connects to your Microsoft 365 directory and allows users to search for employees by name, job title or department. 

We can fully customise this to pull and search additional information if required.

SharePoint Stock Ticker Web Part

Stock Ticker

Add you company stock price to SharePoint with our Stock Ticker web part.

SharePoint Charity Web Part

Charity Web Part

Show your employees how much the company has raised for worthy causes with our SharePoint Charity web part

SharePoint Social Responsibility Web Part

Social Responsibility Web Part

What to show your employees how the company is doing with there social responsibility pledges? Why not show it with our SharePoint Trees Planted web part.

We can full customise this to work for your companies pledges.

SharePoint Instagram Web Part

Instagram Web Part

Bring in your Soical Media feeds with our SharePoint Instagram Web Part

SharePoint Facebook web part

Facebook Web Part

Add the worlds biggest feed with our SharePoint web part.

SharePoint Scrolling Ticker Web Part

Scrolling Ticker Web Part

One of the most popular web parts, our SharePoint announcement ticker allows you to highlight scrolling content to your employees

SharePoint Celebration Web Part

Celebration Web Part

Celebrate your employees achievements or welcome new starters with our SharePoint celebration web part.

SharePoint Happy Birthday Web Part

Happy Birthday Web Part

Linking to 365 user profiles our SharePoint Happy Birthday web part will automatically check your company directory and celebrate a employees birthday.

SharePoint FAQ WebPart

FAQ Web Part

Make it easy for your employees to get answers to there most common queries with our SharePoint FAQ web part

SharePoint Weather Time Web Part

Weather Time Web Part

If you have offices around the world then our Weather and Time web part combines both elements into a single SharePoint component

SharePoint Interactive Map

Interactive Map Web Part

Our SharePoint interactive map lets a company add there office locations and allows there employees click on a site and be redirected to a relevant page

SharePoint Quote of Day Web part

Quote Of The Day

Inspire your staff with our SharePoint Quote of the Day web part that pulls daily quotes from a online RSS feed

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