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Empower Your Business with our Microsoft PowerApps CRM solution

Streamline Customer Relationships with PowerApps CRM

PowerApps CRM is simple to use CRM system that is aimed for those companies who don't want or need the expensive and complex Microsoft Dynamics or Saleforce CRM solution. PowerApps CRM contains all the typical CRM features and allows you to manage your Customer Accounts details, Contants, Opportunities and Contact Activities.
PowerApps CRM is built using the Microsoft PowerPlaform and uses exactly the same database as the more expensive Dynamics CRM. This mean the system can grow with your business and becuase the PowerApp platform is a low code/no code solution the system can very quickly and easily be expanded and customised to meet your business needs. 

If your looking for powerful but easy to use CRM that meets your business needs then please do contact us about PowerApps CRM.


What we do

As a leading Microsoft PowerPlatform Company, PureNetworking is committed to offering award-winning PowerApps products and services to companies of all sizes.


The PowerApps CRM product is built using Microsoft PowerPlatform. Its is a simple to use yet powerful CRM that seamlessly integrate with the Microsoft 365 eco system. It is the perfect choice for all companies who are looking for a cost effect CRM solution that they can in the future expand and customise as there business grows.


With years of experience in providing Microsoft service, our developers provide can build upon the base CRM solution by integrating new forms, alerting, workflow or PowerBi management reporting. Making the PowerApps CRM one of the most flexible and powerful CRM solutions on the marketplace.

Benefits of PowerApps CRM 


Ease of use


Cost-effective compared to other solutions


Scalable allowing growth with your business


Easy to tailor for spefic needs and requirements


Built and integrated with Microsoft 365 technology

Please do contact us if your looking for a PowerApps CRM solution for your business. Our expots are always on hand to answer all your queries about planning, implementation, training, adoption, infact anything regarding the PowerApps CRM and if it would work for your organisation.

PowerApps CRM

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Let Our Experts Transform Your Business Process with PowerApps

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