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HR One to One PowerApps

Project type

PowerApps, HR


Cawood Scientific is the UK’s leading scientific group, recognised for its technical capability and value-added service to customers. They provide laboratory analysis to the agriculture, food and environmental sectors, as well as contract research to GLP standards to support the development of agrochemicals, biocides and other chemicals.

The Challenge

Every month every manager would sit down with there direct reports and have an open conversation about strengths, areas of focus and future development. The outcome of this process was meant to be captured in a paper based form which was then passed on to HR to store against each employee.

The issue was that often forms were not handed into HR or would get lost. There were not easily available for either the Manager or Employee to view or retrieve for future review sessions.

The Solution

The solution was to convert the process into a simple easy to use PowerApp that could be accessed by the employee, manager and HR. The PowerApps application was responsive in design and could be accessed via a web browser, on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Email notification and both employee and manager approval workflows were implementation to ensure everyone was happy with the document.

The Results

The successful implementation of the HR One to One PowerApps meant that employee records were also up-to-date and much easier to access. There was a significant increase in employee one to one reviews taking place and subsequent reviews were shown to be of a much higher quality due to the ease of accessing previous appraisal notes

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