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HR - Timesheet PowerApps

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PowerApps, HR


Anwen Construction Ltd have operated across the UK for the past 28 years. Specializing in Private Housing Developers and Retirement Living Developers, as well as civil engineering in Petrochemical Plants and Industrial locations.

The Challenge

With employees dispersed across the country on hundreds of different sites. The ability for both direct employees and contract staff to record and submit their timesheets in timely manner was very difficult and generally was done in a variety of ways from email, excel documents and fax machines!

The Solution

A responsive PowerApp was created that which would be accessed on mobile, tablet, laptop or via a browsers. The solution allowed both managers and direct employees to submit their daily timesheet, along with any overtime.

Submit sheets went through a approval process and were eventually directed to payroll who could extract the data and import into the payroll system.

The Results

The time taken to enter timesheets was more than halved and the percentage of timesheets submit on time improved by over 70%. This along with the applications integration with payroll reduced data entry errors and sped up overtime payments significantly.

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