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Management - Business Planning PowerApps

Project type

PowerApps, Management


Global professional services and investment management company with approximately 18,000 employees in more than 400 offices in 65 countries.

There commercial and residential real estate services top $98 billion in assets management.

The Challenge

Tracking management targets across such a large and geographical dispersed company was incredibly difficult and time consuming. KPIs were not easily trackable and management reporting was very clunky and cumbersome.

The Solution

A PowerApp was created that allowed the central management team to created global targets, while allowing each country to add their own specific goals. The submission of business targets was streamlined so progress could be easily tracked and visualised on a quarterly basis. While an approval process and sophisticated help system was embedded into the solution to ensure data quality was maintained.

Powerful PowerBi reports were added and export to PDF ensured all levels of management had access to the information required at all times.

The Results

The rollout of the solution was deemed a success, end user found the submission and tracking of targets much simpler than the previous systems. The flexibility both within the application and reporting meant that individual countries needs were taken into account.

Both the executive team and local management had up-to-date management information all of the time which allowed them to react quicker to changing market needs.

The solution has further been extended and rolled out to support other business unit within the organisation.

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