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Operations - Contract Approval PowerApps

Project type

PowerApps, Operations, Finance


Fast growing energy company required a powerfull and easy to use system to manage the approval of new customer and supplier contracts

The Challenge

The management and control of new and updated contracts was being increasing a issue in a fast moving and growing company. A simple way to send, track and record the approval or reject of contracts was required

The Solution

A responsive PowerApps was created that which would be accessed on mobile, tablet, laptop or via a browser. The solution was fast and incredibly easy to use. Staff could very quickly upload new contracts, assign to the contract approval teams. A pre-defined workflow managed the process in the background and recorded all responses ensuring all signatures and comments were tracked against each document.

The Results

A very laborious, time consuming email and paper-based process was transformed in a quick and easy solution. Saving valuable time and energy in this fast paste environment.

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