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Are Microsoft Now Cool?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Ninja Cats, Fire Breathing Unicorns, what is happening at Microsoft? When I first started in IT, a company called Wang were the old dominate force and were being replaced by a similarly enterprise driven company called IBM.

The young upstart with its fancy new icon driven interface was a software company called Microsoft. Nowadays Microsoft has of course taken over the mantle of the old slow moving enterprise driven company and certainly not something any young start-up company would be looking towards for inspiration – Apple or Google clearly hold the sashay. But recently I think Microsoft may be getting cool again. With the XBOX, Minecraft and the recently announced HoloLens in their portfolio, Microsoft have some of the must have products in there category. There is a buzz about Windows 10 and there Azure and Office365 platforms are seeing spectacular growth. The purchase of popular Apps companies such as Accompli and Sunrise mean start-up companies can now see that if they make great software then they can look to Microsoft for that multi-million pound buy out. Microsoft merchandise is even selling must have items such as the ninja cats and fire-breathing unicorn sticker and Windows 10 t-shirt…



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