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Five Essential Tools for the Home Worker

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Five Essential Tools for the Home Worker

More and more people are working are working from home and with the ubiquity of tablets, laptops WIFI and smartphones it easier than ever to get out of the drudgery of the daily commute. But before you make the transition to full time home working we’d recommend you get a few essentials to ensure the transition is a pain free as possible.

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So without further ado here are our top five essential tools for the job… 1) Mobile Hotspot You’ll have WIFI at home, but to be being stuck at home on your own won’t necessarily provide you with the simulation your need to get those great ideas flowing. We often find that people who just swap office life for a home office miss the social interaction. However working say an hour or so in the garden, nearby park or coffee shop will help stimulate you and make you become more productive. To do this you’ll need some kind of connectivity so make sure you get either a hotspot/dongle from your mobile provider or easier still just turn your smartphone into a hotspot and work from anywhere! 2) Laptop Now your mobile you’re going to need a flexible device that is small enough to go anywhere with you but powerfully enough to get your work done. It’s an obvious choice but our recommendation for the mobile worker would be Microsoft Surface Pro device. We really don’t know anyone that isn’t impressed with the devices. Is it a laptop or is it a tablet? Or does it really matter? It’s just great! 3) Cloud Storage Making sure you have access to you files wherever you go is essential and with an Office365 subscription you get 1Tb of storage. In the competitive cloud storage area there is simply no better deal in the market. 4) VOIP Number You’ll have your mobile number, but we would recommend getting a VOIP number so you can still give the impression you have a landline number. With Skype for Business rolling out PBX in the cloud feature the obvious choice would be to simply bolt on the functionality to your Office356 subscription. 5) Conferencing Facilities Once of the mail tools you’ll need is the ability to run conference calls and share your information over video conferences. Again why look for a separate tool when conferencing, screen sharing, presence and instant messaging are all built into the Office 365 Skype for Business package! Let us know if we are missing any essential teleworking tools or contact us if you need any help setting up your home working office.



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