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The Power of PowerApps

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

The Power of PowerApps

The Power of PowerApps

Did you ever wish you could create an App that could make your business work smarter or help streamline a process that current involves emails and spreadsheet being sent around.

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Well if you’re an Office365 subscriber you have the ability to transform that brilliant idea into reality using PowerApps. PowerApps won’t allow you to create consumer-facing apps that you can place in the Apple or Android stores. But it will allow you to deploy the application to your Office365 users, who can access it via any browser or via an app on a mobile or tablet. Connect to Hundreds of Other Applications Just because PowerApps is a Office365 service it doesn’t mean you can only connect to data in SharePoint. Using one of the hundreds of built in connectors you can extend the functionality of your app by utilising Twitter, GSuite, MailChimp, YouTube etc… You can even create custom connectors that would allow you to connect to virtually any service out there using API’s Typical PowerApps Use Cases As Office365 consultants, we focus on using PowerApps to create business applications for our clients. While the use cases are really only constrained by the imagination of our customer we have found that the most common uses have been around digitising current manual process or cumbersome task. Examples of these are:

  • Holiday Request Applications

  • Expense Claims

  • Health and Safety Reporting

  • Employee Onboarding

  • Project Reporting

If your interested in learning more about how PowerApps can streamline your business process then please do contact us

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