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We Love Outlook !

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Did you know that Microsoft Outlook is over 15 years old! Over this time its become the defacto mail client and even in a world were everyone is moving online, people are finding it difficult to let go of Outlook.

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Over the past few months we’ve had so many clients contact us who are using Google Mail and just hate the interface and the way it arranges email conversations. Other customers thought they would be ok using the free POP3 accounts provided by there webhosting company, but are finding them unreliable and full of spam. These reason’s didn’t really come as that big a surprise to us. Exchange and Outlook has over the years provided by far the best user interface experience. Its easy to use folder system / calendaring, task and notes functions make the software one of Microsoft’s most productive products. However a number of clients have asked not just to use Outlook as a mail client but to integrate even more products into it. They want to see all there documents in Outlook, have all that project data or customer records available from there desktop client. We get people saying, we like the web but we want to access everything from Outlook on the desktop. The good news is that with Office 365 you can have all this, and it just out of the box! You can create your Sharepoint projects and sites and then sync all this back into Outlook. You can then update this and then Sync back the data to Sharepoint for your work colleagues to see. This means that for all you lovers of Outlook you never need to leave it again!



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