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AI Copilot Studio Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got a question about AI Copilot Studio or just want to know a little more about it. Below you'll find the most common questions we get asked about Microsoft AI Copilot Studio.

Microsoft AI Copilot Studio FAQs

1. What is Microsoft Copilot Studio?

Microsoft Copilot Studio is a AI platform that allows you to customize and create your own copilots and GPTs chat box.

2. Is Power Virtual Agents part of Copilot Studio?

Yes Power Virtual Agents is now part of Copilot Studio.

3. What sources can I connect me Copilot to?

You can connect Copilot to you website, any documents you may have, a SharePoint site or via APIs corporate applications. The large language model with digest the information you provide it and allow it to answer your user questions in a natural informative way.

4. Do I need a Microsoft 365 license to use Copilot

No, you can just purchase Copilot as a standalone service. This would however mean it would NOT be able to integrate with 365 services such as SharePoint

5. Do I need a license to integrate Copilot with Microsoft 365 services like SharePoint, PowerApps and PowerBi?

Yes you would need a Microsoft 365 Copilot services to have the system connect to 365 services

6. How does Copilot Studio approach responsible AI?

Microsoft is committed to responsible AI practices, and this commitment extends to Copilot Studio. The data in Copilot is saved into Dataverse and thus can be protected with 365 security and governance.

7. How Copilot Studio help my business?

Microsoft Copilot uses the power of AI to help you perform tasks faster and more efficiently. It can help you answer questions quicker and smarter and allow you find information much easier by just asking it questions. The system continues to learn and get better the more data you give it.

8. What are the common applications of Microsoft AI Copilot Studio?

Microsoft AI Copilot Studio has a wide range of applications. Some individuals utilize the bots for internal inquiries, while others deploy the agent on external websites. Often they are used within MS Teams. The following are some typical use cases:

  • Responding to “How do I” queries: In this scenario, the bot serves as a Frequently Asked Questions resource on a specific topic. For instance, it could be used in HR where a user asks “How do I book a holiday” or in IT with “How do I logon to Dynamics”, and so on.

  • Information retrieval: Instead of a user attempting to search for a document, the bot will pose several guided questions to assist the user in finding the information they need.

  • Employee onboarding: The bot aids new employees in locating information and completing the necessary forms as part of the onboarding process.

  • Customer support on websites: The chatbot can collect information from the customer, such as email and username, and answer questions like opening hours, how to return an item, and so on.

  • Sales assistance: The bot can quickly provide sales teams with information, such as stock information, pricing, or product details.

9. How much time does it take to construct a Microsoft AI Copilot Studio chat bot?

A chatbot can be built rapidly. Typically, a fully functional FAQ type bot can be live in just a few hours or days. However, this bot may not be able to fully tuned specifically to your company brand. More advanced bots usually don’t take more than 5 days to construct.

10. Is programming knowledge required to build a Power Virtual Agent?

No, Microsoft refers to AI Copilot Studio development as “no-code / low-code”. While for the more advanced features you do need to understand the system’s syntax to some extent, it is certainly not like traditional programming.

11. What are the advantages of using Microsoft AI Copilot Studio?

The primary benefit is automation. AI Copilot Studio allow you to answer common questions from customers and employees, freeing up staff who normally answer these questions to focus on more complex and high-value tasks. Moreover, the person asking the query gets the information they need much quicker.

12. Can AI Copilot Studio be used with MS Teams?

Yes, you can create AI Copilot Studio chat bot for use with MS Teams, it would need a Copilot Microsoft 365 license

13. Can AI Copilot Studio connect or integrate with systems outside of Microsoft 365?

Yes, AI Copilot Studio has the capability to connect to hundreds of non-Microsoft systems.

14. Can you assist us in integrate AI Copilot Studio into our business?

Absolutely, we would be delighted to help you build AI Copilot Studio solutions for your business. Or if you just have a Copilot Studio FAQs let us know and we will add it to the page. Please feel free to contact us to discuss this further.



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