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PowerApps Support: What Options Do Businesses Have

PowerApps Support Options

Microsoft PowerApps has revolutionized modern businesses.  With a PowerApps license included in many Microsoft 365 subscriptions, business users can create custom applications to streamline processes, all without extra software or hardware.

However, managing these apps can be tricky.  The original creators, often busy employees, might not have time for ongoing support or updates.  Worse yet, they may have left the company entirely!

Here's a breakdown of options to keep your PowerApps running smoothly:

  1. Leverage Your Internal IT Department:  Your IT team could potentially handle PowerApps maintenance and updates.  However, they'll likely need PowerApps training, and may already be overloaded or unwilling to add development tasks on top of their existing workload.

  2. Empower PowerApps Champions: Identify enthusiastic and skilled PowerApps users within your company.  These "Champions" can receive additional training to support and update apps, bridging the gap between business users and IT.  The challenge lies in balancing their day-to-day tasks with PowerApps management.

  3. Hire a Dedicated PowerApps Developer:  An internal PowerApps developer can manage all aspects of your PowerApps, overseeing configuration, security, performance, and future development.  Expect developer salaries to range from £55-65k annually, so ensure sufficient workload to justify the cost.

  4. Utilize Your Existing IT Support Company:  Many businesses have existing contracts with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to handle infrastructure, security, backups, and licensing.  While outsourcing PowerApps management may incur additional costs, MSPs may not possess the expertise for further app development.

  5. Partner with External PowerPlatform Specialists:  This option involves outsourcing support, maintenance, and development to freelance PowerApps professionals or specialized companies.  While there are additional costs to consider, you'll gain access to experts not only in PowerApps, but potentially other PowerPlatform services like Power Automate, Power BI, and CoPilot.  Data security becomes a crucial factor when working with external parties.

The Bottom Line:

PowerApps offer incredible benefits, but management requires careful planning.  The best approach hinges on your company's resources, expertise, and specific needs.  By exploring these options, you can ensure your PowerApps continue to deliver value and streamline your business processes.



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